Record Producer - Artistic director

    Freelance / MVM Productions

Fascinated by all the machines in the control room, sound recording, editing, mixing, mastering...  Ever since my earliest studio sessions, I've been drawn to the role of music producer. Thanks to some early experience in arranging classes at the CIM school, over the years I've easily found my place in artistic direction. I was also able to form a clear opinion on the subject by working under the direction of a few producers as a musician. As far as I'm concerned, some don't listen closely enough to the artists and their world.

my services as arranger and music producer, within my structure MVM Productions.

With a few past studio references

(Noise Factory with Laum, Dada Studio with Josselin Beaumont, Soundwave studio with Seminvo Xlixè, Naked Form @ Pyramid Studio, Urban Process @ Rubens studio ...) 

You can listen to some of productions in the playlistbelow in which i officiated as record and/or arranger

Work Experience